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Products we LUV for December

Just in time for the winter season introducing Unite 7 seconds Shampoo

and Conditioner! These two powerful products will change your hair from

damaged to brilliant in 7 seconds!

7 Seconds Shampoo

Prepare for revitalized, moisture enriched, luscious shiny hair with this

powerful shampoo. This shampoo will moisturize your hair, protect from UV

rays, thermal damage and colour fading. That is not all, this product is free

from parabens, sulfates and sodium chloride and also a celebrity favourite.

For best results: wet hair, apply, lather and rinse. Follow with 7 seconds

conditioner and your favourite unite products to enhance the system.

7 Seconds Conditioner

This moisturizing conditioner is the ideal partner to compliment the 7

Seconds Shampoo. It will add radiant shine and protect your hair from

harmful UV rays, thermal damage, color fading and breakage. Like the

shampoo this product is also paraben, sulfate and sodium chloride free.

For best results: Shampoo, apply conditioner from root to the end of your

hair and leave in as needed. Follow up using your desired unite products to

enhance the system.

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