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Level 5 Stylist | Salon Owner


Candice has been in the industry for 14 years. Her love for hair and people made it an easy decision to start a career as a stylist. After several years working in local salons, her passion for business increased as she became more involved in the beauty industry. This has given Candice the opportunity and ability to become her own boss and entrepreneur. Through her Luv for hair and her clients she created Luv Hair Salon that has been in business for 11 years. Due to her entrepreneurial mindset, Candice has had the luxury of being able to travel across North America where she gained an extensive colour background. The main reason Candice went into the beauty industry was to help women and men feel and look beautiful on the inside and out. There is a very raw and honest relationship Candice encounters when she spends time with her clients. It is truly something Candice holds near and dear to her heart. As Candice navigates the next few years at Luv Salon, she is now taking on few new clients allowing her to focus on the beautiful clients who have become family over the years. When she’s not in the salon you can find her at the lake sipping on Arbonne Fizz while hanging with her daughter and little frenchie Archie. 


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All prices are for Services fees only. Extra charges for upgrades may apply such as services not listed in price list, additional colour + toner bowls, thick hair surcharges, extra foils, K18/Olaplex add ons. We Highly recommend consultations to all clients seeking colour on a budget.

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