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LUV hair salon is proud to be one of the leading hair salons in Victoria, BC.  All of our hairdressers on staff are passionate about their services and customer service.

Candice Gray - Luv Victoria Hair Salon


Candice Gray



I started doing hair 13 years ago, when I became an apprentice. My love for hair and people made it an easy start to my career in hairdressing. I apprenticed for two and a half years under an educator and 6 fully booked senior stylists at Esthetica. I graduated through Vancouver Island University (formally Malaspina). The education I received here started me off on my extensive colour background. I started off my hairdressing career at a busy downtown Victoria salon, Bumble and Bumble, where the education and experience I received was the foundation for my future growth. Through this salon I was able to learn from amazing stylists by travelling all over Vancouver Island, Vancouver and also in New York. In this industry it is really easy to get stuck on a few great techniques and forget that styles and fashion are always changing. We refuse to let this happen. The more we learn, the more inspired we become. Education is the key to being great at this craft, it is not only the foundation, but it is the building blocks to become a successful stylists.

Ocean - Receptionist


Chapin - Stylist


Hannah -Assistant JR Stylist

Natasha - Stylist

Crystal- Stylist

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