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Large Colour Deposit

$100 Deposit is required to save the date of your hair appointment for all first time clients booking a service window longer than 3 hours. Deposits must be recieved within 24 hours of booking the appointment to secure the date. 


Deposits are non refundable and will sit on your client file as a credit (much like a gift card) to be used towards your service.


Cancellation Policy: We send confirmation emails and make phone calls 48 hours prior to booked appointment dates! This allows plenty of time for clients to cancel or reschedule and gives us a reasonable amount of time to fill the spot. We require 24 hours notice for all cancellations; any appointments cancelled the day of will be considered a no show and our no show policy will be in effect.


No Show Policy: A No Show appointment can effect our stylists entire day. Filling an on the spot appointment is nearly impossible! We are just one phone call away, for that reason, no shows will not be tolerated. By cancelling with less than 24 hours notice or no showing your appointment - your deposit will not be refunded.

Large Colour Deposit

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