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Products we LUV for April

The sun has finally begun to show its face and we couldn’t be happier. But as the heat rolls in, we as people tend to forget what it does to our skin especially you men. This is why our friends at UNITE created the “Real Men” GO24/7 product line (which we highlighted in one of our previous blogs). So today, as a “get summer ready” edition I am trying to highlight my two recommendations to keep those faces fresh and nice to look at.

1) Face and Bald Cleanser

This cleanser is designed for all men, bearded or baby faced. It cleanses and purifies the skin of all its daily punishers. It is perfectly balanced for your face and scalp.

2) Moisturizer

Ok yes this is a “girlie” word but come on! Nobody likes scaly faces. This product is non-greasy, vitamin packed, has SPF 15 as a sun barrier and is extremely absorbent, leaving no residue. This is for the men out there who want to look their best or to be more realistic, men that are tired of their girlfriends complaining about their scaly dry skin.

These two products are quick and easy to use, will have you looking your best and the most important…gentle on the bank accounts. So there is no excuse to not come in and pick yours up.

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