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5 Last minute gift ideas for the hair lover

Christmas presents in red wrapping victoria salon

Christmas is right around the corner and hopefully, you're all done your shopping! For those of you who still have a bit of running around to do, we've got 5 perfect last-minute gift ideas for any hair lovers in your life.

  1. Subscription Boxes

Talk about the gift that keeps on giving! You won't have to spend more than a few minutes signing up that special someone, and it'll be like Christmas is happening every month. While we didn't find any hair-specific subscription boxes, this site has a roundup of Beauty boxes for every budget and they feature plenty of fun hair products and accessories. It's a great way to try out new products and they're insanely discounted as part of these packages, so it's a double win!

  1. Silk Pillow Case

Yes, that's right, a silk pillowcase is a great gift for anyone concerned about keeping their hair absolutely perfect. Silk can help keep your hair healthy and shiny because it causes less friction which means less bed head and broken hair. Also, it's also naturally hypoallergenic and great for skin too!

  1. Hair Accessories

Can we take a moment of silence for all the hair elastics that have been lost over the years? Seriously though, all women need to keep their hair out of their face at some point, so it's the perfect last-minute stocking stuffer. Also, you can never have too many bobby pins either. Winners and Marshalls usually have a good selection of hair things if you're looking for somewhere to shop.

  1. Olaplex line

Stop by the salon and browse our selection of hair products from our favourite brand Olaplex. We love these products, and for good reason! They're high quality and work wonders for treating damaged hair and maintaining healthy hair. Want to know how they work? Check out this article for a little more info.

  1. Gift Cards

Yes, gift cards are a perfectly acceptable Christmas gift! They're the ultimate last-minute go-to and they're also a guaranteed pleaser. If you're a little worried about choosing a good gift, then this is a safe bet. I mean, have you ever been upset about receiving a gift card to your favorite place? We didn't think so. Come on by and get yours today ♥

Have a wonderful holiday season everyone

xo, the LUV team

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