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Why Chopping Off Your Hair Might be the Best Thing To Do

It can be tempting to resist getting your hair cut short, but sometimes that’s the best thing you can do for long term hair-health and growth. While deep conditioning treatments and a healthy diet are important for growing long luscious locks, if you’ve done some big time damage to your hair in the past – it might be best to shed the extra weight and start fresh.

Obviously, the tips of your hair are the oldest and from the moment it grows from the root – it’s essentially dead. That’s why healthy hair starts from the inside out. If you have a diet lacking in healthy fats, essential minerals and amino acids… then chances are your hair might be a little lack luster. If you pair this with hot treatment tools like blow-dryers, curling irons, and straighteners, you’ve got a recipe for some serious damage! Not to mention dying your hair. It can all take its toll. The problem is that even if you change your ways, adopt a healthy lifestyle, stop using heat styling, and deep condition weekly, you still might need to chop it all off.

Whatever damage you did in the past, before you adopted your new, better ways of hair-care, is done. You can’t reverse the damage. No matter what the commercials say about rectifying damaged cuticles, there’s only one real way to get rid of split ends and damaged hair… Cutting it!

Having a hair stylist you trust is important, by developing a relationship with you, they get a better understanding of your hair history and what will be best for it moving forward. If you’re trying to grow it out, it might sound counterintuitive but sometimes the best thing you can do is chop it all off. Start new, start fresh, grow it healthy from root to tip.

If this scares the pants right off of you, go ahead and ease into it by cutting off a couple of inches at a time. Have a consultation with one of our stylists and tell them your hair goals. Together you can make a plan that works for you, that will help you achieve results you LUV!

Hope to see you soon.

xo The LUV Team

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