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Blow Dry Bar

LUV Salon`s Blow Dry Bar! The Perfect Solution for the busy summer season!

As busy as the summer season can be with shopping, planning, preparing for friends, family and that someone special, you may feel overwhelmed!

Why not take some time out of your day to relax with our Blow Dry Bar!

Whether you like you style to be up or down, curly, wavy or straight, we have a very talented and knowledgeable stylist to take care of you.

By using balance, harmony and proportion to create exquisite style, you will stay a step ahead of the rest this holiday season.

For only $30, enjoy a Blow Dry & Style ALL day long on Thursdays to Saturdays!

Also perfect for that last minute date or night out with friends!

Call 250-590-4820 to book an appointment!

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