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Products – LUV Hair Salon

Would you like to know what our favourite hair products are?

Is your hair feeling the effects of the damp, moisture filled Victoria fall weather?

We have put together a 1…2…3 system to help combat frizz and help with your daily hair care routine!

1. UNITE Lazer Straight

Defeat and control curls, tangles and frizz. Lazer straight will straighten even the most difficult hair and protect it from blow drying and flat ironing. Dare to take on humidity with your Lazer Straight hair.

2. U LUXURY DFrizz

In need of instant control and weightless shine? Look no further! U LUXURY DFrizz Argan Spray by UNITE will leave the finest of hair full, shiny and healthy without sacrificing your volume. You will have bouncy, frizz free hair that lasts all day.

3. UNITE Tricky Spray

Trick Spray by UNITE is total magic! Empowering you with the shine, hold and manipulation that would have made Houdini want to be a stylist! So much in one product…..use responsibly!

For Best Results: After using your favorite UNITE Shampoo and Conditioning system, blot access water and apply both the Lazer Straight and DFrizz. Blow dry and finish with the Tricky Spray! And don’t forget to book an appointment with your favorite LUV Hair Salon Stylist to find the hair care system that works best for your hair type!

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